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Rapid Armor provide the client with system design, design guidelines, testing and other technical services for the liner system and support structures.

Rapid Armor make use of the following local South African companies for technical services to assist the clients’ in-house design departments or EPC companies:

  • Pronto Consulting (Pty)Ltd for the system design, design guidelines, weld designs and other technical services for clients in the mining industry
  • Graven Designs (link) for structural design, analysis and testing of the new systems for clients


Rapid Armor will stock and supply clients with the required liner materials according to specifications at a competitive price. The unique coding system allow the proper control of materials for manufacturing, distribution and installation. We constantly test new materials in different applications and suggest the best value for money to clients.


With a service agreement Rapid Armor can do the liner maintenance for clients and optimize the liner system even more when the liners can be accurately control during maintenance. The unique coding system allow for the proper maintenance of the liner system, estimate of maintenance cycles and re-ordering of liner materials.