We protect and maintain your assets fast

We can solve your liner maintenance and save you time and money!


  • Does your liner maintenance reduce your company turnover?
  • Does your liner maintenance have safety risks involved
  • Does your liner maintenance reduce your plant production?
  • Does your liner maintenance increase your plant standing time and costs?
  • Do your shortage of skilled resources available during shut downs of your plant create problems for liner maintenance?”
  • If your answer is yes to any of these questions then Rapid Armor liner system is the solution for your plant and business.


The Rapid Armor business model takes control of the client’s plant liner life cycle to make the maintenance of the liner system faster, safer and less expensive and increase the clients production and revenues.

The new Rapid Armor liner system can be maintained up to 20 times faster and even safer than the conventional liner systems.

The result is the reduction of safety risks associated with hot work, ergonomic risks, requirement for skilled resources, plant standing time and costs and thus increase production and revenue.

Rapid Armor liner system is based on the international patented
Rapid Hook brackets for fast installation and replacement.


The initial Rapid Armor system will be designed into new or existing plants.
The redesigned system will allow:

  • for a more ergonomic liner weighing between 20 to 25kg making it easy to handle and manoeuvre liners in confined spaces
  • the removal and installation of liners to be done without the need for hot work in confined spaces
  • liners to be replaced by hand and minimal hand tools
  • with minimum training of semi-skilled or even unskilled labour to be utilised to do liner maintenance releasing scares skilled resources for other maintenance work
  • the speed at which liners are replaced reduce the costs of standing time and loss of production as low as 5% of the normal system during a single event in a critical process
  • any liner brand and product to be installed and will be expanded for other materials as well.